Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Fall Light" 4"x6"* is my latest miniature painting done on location in
Eaton Canyon. I went there this morning with my good friend
and artist Richard Pina. This painting depicts the cool early morning
colors in the shadows and the brilliant highlights on the rocks
down in the wash. This painting will be available for auction.
Click the ebay link.


Kathy Weber said...

Not many artists could take a jumble of rocks and make such a nice painting- it's really lovely.

F. Serrano said...


I love rocks so I really appreciate the kind compliment. Thank you!

Randall Cogburn said...

Oh yeah. I've seen those rocks before. Nah, just joking. Very well done Frank. It's interesting how you can pick someting and make it really look great. I bet in person those rocks were lifeless but youve brought them to life for sure here.


Randall Cogburn said...

I forgot to let you know I'm having a contest on my blog if your interested, its free to enter. I've been painting a series of 100 oil paintings based on "Girls on the Beach" and I'm looking for nice photos if I pick it you get a painting of it free. The details are on my blog.