Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, it's urban!

Ok,  I know this is not an urban scene,  but
it's right in the the middle of what is urban
near my home.  Amazingly,  many people don't 
even know this place is down the street until
they see one of my paintings and ask where 
I painted it.  John Singer Sargent painted
lots of what was around him including subjects
like this.  I was definitely influenced by him.


JimmyG said...

Nice Frank! Cool to see your stuff on the Judson's catalog too : )

F. Serrano said...


Cindy Michaud said...

the stones are lovely...I love finding such "urban" vignettes.

Anthony Francisco said...

I really like this painting. Was wondering how much would a painting like this cost?

F. Serrano said...

Thanks Anthony! This one is sold but I have another similar. Please use my email and I will send you an image that is available.

F. Serrano said...

Thanks Cindy!