Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love painting near the coast and sometimes I 
will find that subject that isn't a seascape.  Here
I found an old rowboat beached by low tide in
Newport Beach,  CA.   This literally was right 
under my nose as I was walking over a small
bridge that is seen through the reflection in the 


Darlene Twitchell said...

Gorgeous! I love this painting. Such a peaceful scene.

hmuxo said...

You do beautiful work!!

Randall Cogburn said...

Nice one Frank, love those boats!


F. Serrano said...


John Brian Guernsey said...

please blog more often if you can....always appreciate seeing your fine're a very influential artist

Angelini Studio said...

Tripping along the Internet, I came across your blog. I painted this boat, but couldn't remember where it was! This is exciting. Really beautiful painting Frank. I love this boat.