Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Crashing Waves" 6"x8"  Field Study
I love the California Coast and as you can tell one 
of my favorite places to paint.  Ever changing,
there is so much excitement with the surf crashing
over the rocks and sand to watching dolphins
frolic just off shore.  This particular painting is 
one I did recently in Malibu at what is called
the "Channels."  The tide was starting to build
and the waves were crashing  spectacularly.


earlyrain said...

Mr. Serrano - Do you spend some of your time painting in the EU? Italy, France, Spain...?

Thank you.

C. Jack

earlyrain said...
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F. Serrano said...

I have in the past but not yet Italy. There is still so much here in the US to paint.


Gina Brown said...

Beautiful work, Frank!

Sara D. Braswell said...

Well done!