Monday, June 18, 2012

When I'm in the studio and start to feel like I 
need to get out and paint,  the coast is the first 
place I think of.  It has all the elements I look
for in order to create a good painting. 
This particular scene as set up for me.  A great
design with beautiful color and light.  This was 
painted right in the middle of the day,  but there 
were still some great blue shadows on the cliff
which complimented its golden tone.
I think this summer is going to be grand!



Anonymous said...

Frank...lovely work. I didn't realize we are local to each were talking about the station fire...I am in Altadena. Hope to see you around the "art circuit" someday!

helen said...

What a beautiful scene!

F. Serrano said...

Thank you!

F. Serrano said...

Hi Julie, thanks for the note, I paint Eaton Canyon often, maybe we will see eachother there. -Frank