Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"San Francisco Street Study"

I painted this during a summer trip to paint urban scenes
of the iconic city of San Francisco.  In all,  I painted close
to a dozen paintings depicting the light and mood of this
beautiful city.  

It was a challenge painting here, of course traffic is scary
and you have to find a parking spot that you can stay in 
for at least 2 hours without it costing you an arm and a 
leg.  It didn't matter how tough though,  I was determined
to get some work done!


Kathy Bodamer said...

Hey Frank -- What beautiful work! I'm a native Californian who's lived in NY since 1985. I really appreciate your west coast work, needless to say! I'm back to painting after a 20 year hiatis from art. My current teacher suggested I look at your work since I'm striving to have a similar style. Any workshops heading this way? I do travel to Cali frequently also.

F. Serrano said...

Keep checking my blog for class info. Please say, "Thanks" to your teacher for the referral.

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is really lovely. I have been on this street...what a great city. Found you via Karin Jurick's link on her blog. Glad I did.

Greetings to you from Wichita, Kansas!

Mark McCormick said...

I really like your urban scapes

F. Serrano said...

Thank you!