Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Above Big Sur" 
A step by step from study to studio painting
Step 3

I decided to give you a wider view of what I'm working
on.  In this step, about 3/4 of the way through,  I have started
to add more paint and slowly build up areas working all
over the canvas.  Working this way for me breaths life into
the whole, all at once,  not a section at time which tends to
make a painting look stiff as if you were copying directly 
from a photo.  Of course,  areas in the distance don't need 
that much detail compared to the middle ground and fore-
ground areas.  Color and value aren't much of a concern 
since I established that during my block in,  but minor 
adjustments are made during this step.  Also,  edges at 
this step are well thought out keeping most of my crisp 
edges in the foreground.
Hint:  I do not soften any distant edges,  they are 
left alone since painted rather loosley early on 
in my block in.


mauisurfergirl said...

I can feel and breathe in the air from your values and colors - lovely!

F. Serrano said...

Thank you!

Casey Crowe said...

Really great seeing your process! Any chance you have any pics of the painting between step 1 & 2?

F. Serrano said...

Thanks Casey! This is a sample step by step. I will be creating a future DVD, so stay tuned!

Theresa Grillo Laird said...

This is really nice. Big Sur is my favorite place to be and to paint in and you've got it perfectly!

Bobbi Dunlop said...

This is great, Frank! Thanks for sharing ... I'll be following :)


F. Serrano said...

Glad you all like the posts and the painting. A couple more steps and it is done.

j ingham said...

Youve keyed up the light at this stage